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DIY Samsung laptop screen repair guide

DIY Samsung Laptop Screen Repair

Kim Weinberger On: May, 10th 2017 | Under: Computer Repair

Fixing a laptop screen isn’t always a job strictly for the professionals. With the right tools and tips, you can save yourself time and money by repairing your laptop yourself. If you’re interested in performing your own Samsung laptop screen repair, follow this easy DIY guide from Computer Troubleshooters. 12 Steps for a Samsung Laptop […]

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computer troubleshooters macbook motherboard repair

MacBook Motherboard Repair

Kim Weinberger On: April, 10th 2017 | Under: Computer Repair

The motherboard is essentially the “brains” of your computer. It’s responsible for making sure all the other inner-workings of your Mac connect and run smoothly. With a broken or dysfunctional motherboard, your laptop is essentially inoperative. When you’re in need of a MacBook motherboard repair, keep these tips from Computer Troubleshooters in mind. Do you […]

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dell laptop screen repair guide

Dell Laptop Screen Repair

Kim Weinberger On: February, 7th 2017 | Under: Computer Repair

Not every repair requires a trip to the store to solve the issue. If your laptop has a cracked or malfunctioning screen, you may be able to fix it yourself! Follow this step-by-step guide for a Dell laptop screen repair that you can do yourself. 11 Steps to a Dell Laptop Screen Repair Disconnect your […]

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Sony VAIO Screen Replacement Guide

Kim Weinberger On: December, 14th 2016 | Under: Computer Repair

Every now and then we want to do things on our own. If this is one of those occasions and you wish to replace the screen on your laptop by yourself, follow this step-by-step guide on Sony VAIO screen replacement. If your screen shattered as you accidentally dropped it or if you have a crack […]

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HP Laptop Motherboard Repair

Kim Weinberger On: November, 2nd 2016 | Under: Computer Repair

Usually when a motherboard is damaged and beyond repair, it most likely means having to purchase a new laptop. But before you reach that conclusion, you must assess the damage and decide if the motherboard can be repaired. Check out Computer Troubleshooter’s signs and causes of failure, and suggestions on how to perform an HP […]

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HP Laptop

HP Laptop Screen Repair

Kim Weinberger On: September, 14th 2016 | Under: Computer Repair

Sometimes we prefer to do things ourselves. In this Computer Troubleshooter’s do-it-yourself guide, you will learn how to do an HP Laptop screen repair. Simply follow the steps below to replace your cracked, old, or damaged screen. DIY HP Laptop Screen Repair 1.       Ensure the laptop is not plugged in and to remove the battery. 2.       […]

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MacBook Laptop

MacBook Screen Repair

Kim Weinberger On: September, 14th 2016 | Under: Computer Repair

Ouch! We know accidents happen. A little drop here, and little step there, and now your MacBook screen is cracked. Screen repairs at the Apple store can be pricey. If you’re up for it, follow this DIY MacBook screen repair guide for an easy screen replacement you can do at home. How To: MacBook Screen Repair […]

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MacBook Image

MacBook Keyboard Repair

Kim Weinberger On: August, 4th 2016 | Under: Computer Repair

Did you accidentally spill water on your keyboard or have a few keys missing? You are better off replacing your keyboard altogether. For your convenience, you can easily order a MacBook keyboard online and have it shipped straight to your home. In this guide, Computer Troubleshooters will explain the steps to a MacBook keyboard repair […]

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HP Laptop Battery

HP Laptop Battery Replacement

Kim Weinberger On: August, 4th 2016 | Under: Computer Repair

If your laptop battery needs a replacement and taking it to a repair shop is an inconvenience for you, you can easily do the replacement from the comfort of your home. In this HP laptop battery replacement how to, we will take you through the steps to guarantee a successful outcome. Simple Steps to Replacing […]

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MacBook Battery Replacement

MacBook Battery Replacement Guide

Kim Weinberger On: July, 15th 2016 | Under: Computer Repair

All rechargeable batteries have a restricted lifespan and will eventually need to be repaired, replaced or recycled. The lifetime of your battery will vary depending on how you use your device as well as the settings you choose for it. If you want to perform the replacement on your own, follow the Computer Troubleshooters’ step […]

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