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3 Ways to Secure Your Gmail Account

Kim Weinberger On: July, 1st 2019 | Under: General

If you’re one of the 1.2 billion monthly active users of Gmail, your online life is probably heavily tied to Google. For many, the account is a primary email address or used with Google Drive for work, so it’s worth making sure that your account is as secure as it can be. Utilize these options […]

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How to Identify a Dangerous Email

Kim Weinberger On: June, 1st 2019 | Under: How To: Technology 101

With billions of emails sent every day, there’s a huge opportunity for malware and viruses to find their way into your inbox. While the percentage of emails containing dangerous attachments is relatively low at 2.3 percent, keep in mind that translates to millions of emails. The best defense against malicious content delivered to your inbox is […]

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woman using password best practices on laptop

Password Best Practices

Kim Weinberger On: May, 1st 2019 | Under: General, How To: Technology 101

Two out of five people experience a security incident that could have been avoided with stronger cybersecurity efforts. With today’s technology, you need a password for every online account or device including social media accounts, emails, smartphones, and more. Keeping personal and business data safe begins with a secure password. Utilize these password best practices […]

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woman using laptop to de-stress

6 Ways to Use Technology to Reduce Stress

Kim Weinberger On: April, 1st 2019 | Under: General

Everyone experiences some level of stress, however, learning how to manage day-to-day stressors is essential in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. Although technology can sometimes create anxiety, it can just as easily be utilized to de-stress. In honor of National Stress Awareness Month, Computer Troubleshooters has compiled a list of the best ways to […]

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man monitoring employee

What You Need to Know About Employee Monitoring

Kim Weinberger On: March, 1st 2019 | Under: General

The best way to ensure your business’ data is safe is to have reliable security practices in place. With 85 percent of employees admitting they took company documents and information, there’s clearly a need for employee monitoring. While every company may not have a policy in place already, it’s never too late to re-evaluate and […]

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man typing using Mac tips

The 9 Best Mac Tips to Try

Kim Weinberger On: February, 1st 2019 | Under: Features

Your Mac offers hundreds of clever elements and as a result has developed a huge fan base. The latest Mac software update, macOS Mojave, introduced several new features all Mac users can appreciate. From Dark Mode to managing files, Apple’s laptops and computers are known for making life easier. Find out how your computer can […]

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