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woman using laptop on wifi

How to Stay Safe Using Public WiFi

Kim Weinberger On: January, 1st 2019 | Under: How To: Technology 101

As more consumers and businesses alike embrace the on-the-go mentality, finding a public WiFi hotspot is easier now than ever before. While there are plenty of hotspots available – about 362 million to be exact – remember that not every hotspot is trustworthy. Be sure you’re staying safe while using public WiFi with the following […]

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free up space in iCloud

How to Free Up Space in iCloud

Kim Weinberger On: December, 1st 2018 | Under: Cloud Computing, How To: Technology 101

If you own an iPhone, iPad or any Apple device, you’re familiar with the notification “iCloud Storage Is Full.” Instead of clicking the Upgrade Storage or Cancel button, follow these steps to free up space in iCloud to stop receiving those pesky notifications. 4 Steps to Free Up Space in iCloud If you run out […]

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transfer imac data

How to Transfer iMac Data

Kim Weinberger On: February, 1st 2018 | Under: How To: Technology 101

Did you just upgrade your iMac and are worried about all your data currently on your old Mac? Luckily, there is Migration Assistant – an application by Apple to transfer iMac data, user accounts, computer settings and apps from one Mac computer to another, or from a full drive backup. With Migration Assistant, there is […]

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guide for deciding between a mac and a pc

How to Decide Between a Mac and a PC

Kim Weinberger On: December, 20th 2017 | Under: How To: Technology 101

Setting out to purchase a new computer is a big investment, no matter what type of device or brand you’re looking for. Before buying be sure to conduct extensive research, read online customer reviews, and comparison shop. If you are struggling to decide between a Mac and a PC, Computer Troubleshooters can help! 5 Differences […]

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performing samsung laptop virus removal

How to Perform a Samsung Laptop Virus Removal

Kim Weinberger On: October, 13th 2017 | Under: How To: Technology 101

With Malware, Ransomware and other sorts of cyber-attacks on the rise, it is important to know the basics of virus removal. Computer viruses can cause many problems for your Samsung laptop. If your laptop is running slowly, crashing randomly, or experiencing a myriad of unwanted pop-ups, you could have unknowingly contracted a computer virus. As […]

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how to toshiba laptop virus removal

How To: Toshiba Laptop Virus Removal

Kim Weinberger On: July, 10th 2017 | Under: How To: Technology 101

Encountering a computer virus or malware can be worrisome, but there are steps you can take to regain control of your computer and remove harmful viruses and bugs. It’s important to take action against computer viruses as soon as you notice any issues with your device. With these tips from Computer Troubleshooters, you’re only a […]

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HP Laptop Virus

HP Laptop Virus Removal

Kim Weinberger On: October, 6th 2016 | Under: How To: Technology 101

Do you suspect your laptop has a virus? Is it running slow or do random windows pop up as you browse the web? Your computer may have an infection, or two. The good news is this can be fixed with a few helpful tips and programs. During this four-step process, Computer Troubleshooters will guide you […]

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MacBook Virus

MacBook Virus Removal

Kim Weinberger On: October, 5th 2016 | Under: How To: Technology 101

Adware, hackers, and unwanted programs can be the cause of harmful viruses getting into your Apple Mac operating system. The reasons behind why these things happen can vary from attempting to generate web traffic, sales, ads and more. And sometimes, those free downloads do not explicitly state that other software will also be installed on […]

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PC computer on a desk.

Want to Fall in Love with Your Computer Again?

Kim Weinberger On: February, 18th 2015 | Under: How To: Technology 101

The Thrill is Gone – do you remember that classic blues song? It’s a heart-breaking reminder about the loss of a once exhilarating and passionate connection. It’s a bitter realization when the old spark seems gone forever. Excuse us, but we are talking about your relationship with your computer! Tips on Learning to Love Your […]

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Video calling sisters.

Connect “Face to Face” with Your Long Distance Friends and Family During the Holidays with Video Chat Technology

Kim Weinberger On: January, 5th 2015 | Under: How To: Technology 101

There’s nothing like the holiday season to reinforce the importance of relationships with our friends and family. While the kids are obsessed with toys and Santa, most adults believe that spending time with our loved ones is the most important aspect of the holidays. For family members who can’t make it home for the holidays, […]

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