Educational Computer Games

5 Educational Computer Games To Try This Summer 

Kim Weinberger On: July, 14th 2017 | Under: Technology & Tools

Who says your kids can’t continue to learn throughout the summer break? Learning can be enjoyable and enticing when you do it through a computer game! Educational computer games for kids can be a great tool to improve a child’s learning and strengthen critical skills. The key is finding games that are educational, yet engaging. […]

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how to toshiba laptop virus removal

How To: Toshiba Laptop Virus Removal

Kim Weinberger On: July, 10th 2017 | Under: How To: Technology 101

Encountering a computer virus or malware can be worrisome, but there are steps you can take to regain control of your computer and remove harmful viruses and bugs. It’s important to take action against computer viruses as soon as you notice any issues with your device. With these tips from Computer Troubleshooters, you’re only a […]

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use managed it business services

4 Reasons to Use Managed IT Business Services

Kim Weinberger On: June, 15th 2017 | Under: Managed Services

As a business owner, we know that you have other things to do besides worry about information technology support and services. You may even wonder what’s the proper way to go about managed IT business services. But as our dependence on technology increases, so must the way we approach IT-related issues. If you’re looking to […]

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Backup Your Computer

Why You Should Backup Your Computer Right Now

Kim Weinberger On: June, 15th 2017 | Under: Data Recovery

Storing your digital data in only one place is dangerous. According to, 91% of Americans don’t backup their computers at least once a day. How terrible would it be if your years of photos, documents, music, movies and more were all gone in a second? Data loss can occur at any time to anybody, […]

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protect yourself from ransomware attack

Are You Protected From a Ransomware Attack?

Kim Weinberger On: May, 18th 2017 | Under: Data Recovery

Last week, the “WannaCry” ransomware attack sent shockwaves through the cyber world. In just a few short hours, the software successfully infiltrated hundreds of thousands of computers in some 150 countries. While experts say the spread of the digital virus has slowed and even stopped in some countries, the damage is already done to those […]

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DIY Samsung laptop screen repair guide

DIY Samsung Laptop Screen Repair

Kim Weinberger On: May, 10th 2017 | Under: Computer Repair

Fixing a laptop screen isn’t always a job strictly for the professionals. With the right tools and tips, you can save yourself time and money by repairing your laptop yourself. If you’re interested in performing your own Samsung laptop screen repair, follow this easy DIY guide from Computer Troubleshooters. 12 Steps for a Samsung Laptop […]

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