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Google's 5G Internet SkyBender Drove

Google’s 5G Internet Drone: SkyBender

Kim Weinberger On: March, 4th 2016 | Under: Industry News: This Week in IT, Technology & Tools

Solar power is rapidly becoming one of the largest sources of renewable energy, and is also being utilized by tech tycoon, Google Inc. Rather than stringing and laying thousands of miles of fiber optic cable, Google envisions solar-powered drones delivering lightning-speed internet from the clouds above. Google is currently experimenting with solar-powered drones in New […]

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iphone wireless charging image

Apple Constructing Wireless Charged iPhone by 2017

Kim Weinberger On: February, 26th 2016 | Under: Industry News: This Week in IT, Technology & Tools

We’ve all found ourselves frantically searching for a charger while desperately clinging onto our iPhone’s diminishing battery life. Being tied to wall charger is beginning to look like a thing of the past as Apple Inc. collaborates with developers in the U.S. and Asia to create enhanced charging technology for our smart devices. Apple’s ground-breaking […]

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Microsoft Recommends Upgrade to Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft Pulls Support for Internet Explorer

Kim Weinberger On: January, 28th 2016 | Under: Features, Industry News: This Week in IT

Microsoft announces they will no longer support Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 on a select number of Windows computers. All good things must come to an end. Microsoft will only push security updates and bug fixes to Internet Explorer 11 users currently running Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Those utilizing legacy versions of Microsoft’s […]

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Introducing 5G - The Mobile Data Evolution

What Exactly is 5G?

Kim Weinberger On: January, 22nd 2016 | Under: Industry News: This Week in IT, Technology & Tools

The birth of 5G is among us The race for technology superiority is never ending, and the four major cell phone carriers, network equipment providers, and smartphone chip developers nationwide are currently racing to achieve the high and mighty 5G prestige. But how will 5G work, how fast will it be, and when can we […]

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microsoft powerapps for business

No More Coding Thanks To Microsoft PowerApps

Kim Weinberger On: December, 28th 2015 | Under: Industry News: This Week in IT, Technology & Tools

PCs were traditionally the main tools that made business possible and ensured day-to-day job functions were completed. As technology accelerates and evolves, business is done virtually everywhere and anywhere through laptops, phones, tablets and more. Mobility and the cloud have also transformed the business world immensely, but many of the applications we use still limit […]

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Computer backup in progress animated icon.

Take the World Backup Pledge on March 31, 2015

Kim Weinberger On: March, 24th 2015 | Under: Data Recovery, Global Newsletter, Industry News: This Week in IT

Remember when TV’s most famous fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw, lost her entire novel when her computer suddenly crashed? After years of laboring over her book, all of Carrie’s hard work suddenly vanished in a flash. Even in 2008, Carrie’s friends were utterly dumbfounded when she claimed that she had never heard of data backup. Really, Carrie? […]

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Data Backup is More Important Than Ever

Kim Weinberger On: May, 15th 2014 | Under: Data Recovery, Global Newsletter, Industry News: This Week in IT

Do you think a data backup solution is simply too expensive for your business? That viewpoint is similar to thinking that insurance for your home is too expensive. Insurance might have seemed expensive until your home is wiped out in a fire and you have lost everything. After the fire is snuffed out, how do […]

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What is Business Technology Support?

Kim Weinberger On: April, 30th 2014 | Under: How To: Technology 101, Industry News: This Week in IT, Managed Services, Technology & Tools

Business technology support can generally be described as a range of services that deliver assistance to users of technology products such as computers, software and mobile devices within an office setting.

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Your guide to understand the Heartbleed Bug

Kim Weinberger On: April, 10th 2014 | Under: Computer Repair, Global Newsletter, Industry News: This Week in IT, Technology & Tools

Monday a massive vulnerability was found in OpenSSL, the open-source software package broadly used to encrypt Web communications. They named this vulnerability the Heartbleed Bug. Many are confused about what this bug is, if they are impacted, and how they can protect themselves. This post will help educate you about the Heartbleed Bug and how […]

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Is Your IT Professional Also a Trusted Business Advisor? They Should Be!

Kim Weinberger On: March, 17th 2014 | Under: Computer Networking, Global Newsletter, Industry News: This Week in IT, Managed Services, Technology & Tools

As a business owner, one of the best moves you can make is to outsource your IT services to a professional provider. When it comes to outsourcing your IT service needs, there are a wide range of service options that involve varying levels of management responsibilities and costs. An IT professional can provide service for […]

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