CT Wayne - Voice over IP


The Advantages of Using VoIP Phone Systems for Your Business

  • Cost Savings  40% -60% cost savings on your telephone bill.
  • FREE VOIP Telephone ($250.00 Value)
  • Rich Feature and media-Hunt, find me, personal ring tone, auto attend, voice to text-voice to email, voice to sms, Vfax, etc.
  • Phone Portability- Call from your telephone, computer, App on your smartphone
  • Service Mobility- Include all call features, voice mail access, call logs, service and security features.
  • User control interface- Control all features with Web GUI interface include hunt, personal, logs, spam, block calls, block phish attempt
  • No Geographic boundary- Virtual to any area, domestic and international-ANSWER CALLS ANYWHERE
  • Flexibility to scale up and down on demand
  • Integration with other applications- Customize with CRM and Auto dialer or other applications with API
  • Team collaboration- Using conversations, applications, collaboration, office 365

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