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A “lone hacker” calling themselves “Guccifer” has claimed ………-Do not be a victim

Posted on: 08/13/2016 | by: ctfranklinlakes

The majority of Small businesses don’t feel they are in danger or can be a victim of a cybercrime. Ransomware is a malware that totally prevents users from gaining access to their computer system and data by locking some files or the computer screen until a ransom is paid. The number of ransomware attacks has […]

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Microsoft Windows 10: Is it worth upgrading?

Posted on: 07/12/2016 | by: ctfranklinlakes

Microsoft is making Windows 10 available as a free upgrade for compatible devices that are running genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8 by July 29 One of the concern for those moving up to Windows 10, especially from older computer, is whether their important applications will work on the new OS. For software releases, this should be a […]

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Accountants!! Tax Season is Just Around the Corner! Are you ready?

Posted on: 12/16/2015 | by: ctfranklinlakes

So, you’ve got another busy season ahead of you. It’s going to be  long hours for the next few months. Here are some questions for your business. Is your tax software up to the task of helping you work as efficiently as possible? Are your computers secure with all the latest patches and Anti Virus […]

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What is RMM?

Posted on: 09/10/2015 | by: ctfranklinlakes

Remote monitoring and management (RMM), also known as network management or remote service software, is a type of software designed to help managed IT service providers (MSPs) remotely and proactively monitor client endpoints, networks and computers. To deploy RMM, a small software footprint often called an “agent” is installed on client workstations, servers, mobile devices, […]

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Windows Server 2003 -End of Life

Posted on: 02/25/2015 | by: ctfranklinlakes

After July 14, Microsoft will no longer issue security updates for any version of Windows Server 2003. If you are still running Windows Server 2003 in your datacenter, you need to take steps now to plan and execute a migration strategy to protect your infrastructure. if they continue running Windows Server 2003 , they may have […]

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Online Security

Posted on: 02/09/2015 | by: ctfranklinlakes

Nobody looks forward to tax time, but at least the online filing process has made it so much easier. Right? Unfortunately, online filing has become complicated by the fact that the taxman is now closely followed by an array of cybercriminals, hackers and identity thieves.In 2013, the incidence of tax return fraud reached epidemic proportions. […]

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Start Business Continuity Planning – NOW

Posted on: 12/11/2014 | by: ctfranklinlakes

This blog posted on November 12, 2012  ( December 2014-Tens of thousands without power as storm pounds Northern California with rain, gusty winds) The effects of Hurricane Sandy in New York in 2012 were severe, particularly in NYC, its suburbs, and in New Jersey. Large parts of the surrounding areas lost electricity for several days. The Economic losses across the […]

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Protect Yourself and Your Busines

Posted on: 12/11/2014 | by: ctfranklinlakes

In both our professional and private lives, each of us needs to assume responsibility for our online activities. These responsibilities involve a combination of equipment maintenance and software updates coupled with appropriate online behavior and a constant vigilance against criminal activities. We suggest that you start with this brief checklist: Maintain a Clean Machine by […]

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Is Your IT Professional Also a Trusted Business Advisor

Posted on: 12/11/2014 | by: ctfranklinlakes

March 23, 2014 As a business owner, one of the best moves you can make is to outsource your IT services to a professional provider. When it comes to outsourcing your IT service needs, there are a wide range of service options that involve varying levels of management responsibilities and costs. An IT professional can […]

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Data Backup is Important. Eliminate Single Point of Failure.

Posted on: 11/12/2014 | by: ctfranklinlakes

  Do you think a data backup solution is simply too expensive for your business? That viewpoint is similar to thinking that insurance for your home is too expensive. Insurance might have seemed expensive until your home is wiped out in a fire and you have lost everything. After the fire is snuffed out, how […]

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