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5 Tech Trends for 2020 We’re Excited About

Published on: December 01st, 2019

woman uses futuristic augmented reality headset

A new year is just around the corner! In these fast-moving times, it seems like everything around us is continually changing, and technology is certainly no exception. Amongst the buzz about the internet of things (IoT), blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency; we’re in an era of digital transformation. But as we enter the next decade, there are some tech trends for 2020 that stand out.

Tech Trends for 2020 to Keep on Your Radar

There are a lot of innovations to get excited about in the new decade. With faster computing, comes the possibilities of further space travel, speedier cloud computing, and augmented reality applications. But what changes can we, as consumers, really expect in the near future? These technology trends are on the horizon.

  1. A Mobile-First Approach

    man scans face using phone facial recognition

    Mobile and e-Commerce is expected to continue to increase this year, with a projection of 338 billion dollars of retail mobile commerce sales in the United States along. Since 73 percent of Millennials already use their phones to shop online, it’s no surprise that Apple Pay and Google Wallet are planning to take advantage of the momentum. Expect to see even bigger shifts towards a mobile-first user experience focus in the coming year.

  2. 5G Networks

    Verizon kicked off their 5G launch in a few locations in April of 2019, but coverage should become available on more networks and in more areas in 2020. This change doesn’t just mean faster wifi on our mobile devices, although that’s likely the most significant change we will see from it next year.

    In the future, however, it has a lot of significant applications. The biggest potential changes will impact automation in cities. For instance, with 5G speeds, autonomous vehicles, and drones will be able to communicate real-time information around a city. These networks also have major implications for healthcare and, overall, looks like they will be a crucial step in the move towards smart cities.

  3. Seriously Intelligent Artificial Intelligence

    It feels like everyone has been talking about artificial intelligence for years now. But, we’re finally to the point where these emerging technologies are getting into the hands of consumers in truly impressive ways. Deep learning means that AI is starting to surpass the abilities of the human brain in its facial recognition abilities. Of course, this tech has some valid privacy concerns behind it. But, it means that devices using facial identification will be more secure than ever; a crucial step as our phones contain more of our lives than ever before. This added security also has the potential to make traveling, health care, and other hair-pulling activities a breeze.

  4. More Useful Voice Assistants

    Expect Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant to get a lot more helpful, and human, in the coming year. As we further our understanding of voice technology and machine learning, these intelligent assistants will advance their conversational skills. That means that, eventually, Siri will likely be able to understand the underlying tone of what you’re saying, including picking up on sarcasm, puns, and context clues. It’s a little uncanny valley, but incredibly cool technology nonetheless.

  5. Stronger Digital Privacy and Control

    Of course, as our technology increases, so do concerns over just how much our tech knows about us. This is especially an issue in the social media realm. The good news is that Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation and the increasing pressure on the United States to impose controls means we will likely see companies get more serious about privacy and security next year. More and more, regulations are moving towards allowing users to opt-in or out of how much of our data is shared. While this is great news, with more information than ever before on our devices, you’ll still need to stay vigilant against personal security threats.

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