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Don’t Leave Your Business or Family At Risk

CT Philippines wants to protect your family and your business from malicious online attacks. There are new viruses and internet scams emerging every day that put unsuspecting individuals and their data at risk.

Many of these attacks are disguised in emails, on websites that you may visit, or masked in suspicious links. The most vicious viruses will attempt to access personal or business information, and there are others that are more of a nuisance that install unnecessary toolbars or install a pop-up service.

Whether the virus is harmful or just annoying, it still needs to be handled and removed from your computer. We encourage all of our clients to work with Computer Troubleshooters to better understand IT security services and how they can proactively educate their families and employees about online safety.

We provide customized solutions to fit the specific needs of your business and home. We are able to implement these products and services seamlessly, and many of our solutions will run automatically in the background so you don’t even notice that we are working hard to keep you safe online.

We offer Managed Cloud Security (CT-MCS) powered by Bitdefender as one of our custom solutions for total endpoint security. Bitdefender , the #1-ranked anti-malware security, is now available through CT Philippines for managed cloud security service with a state-of-the-art management console and simple licensing model.

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CT MCS is a complete anti-malware and anti-virus protection. Key features include:

  • Multiple-layers of messaging security
  • Leading Anti-Spam detection rates
  • Comprehensive solution for Windows, Mac and Linux desktops and servers
  • Physical/Remote deployment and un-install of competitive solutions
  • Granular policies, reports and alerts
  • Optimized bandwidth consumption
  • Reliable CT PH technical support

We also provide many IT security services, including:

  • Proactive virus and spyware monitoring
  • Network Security
  • Removal of viruses and spyware
  • Educational information to help keep your family and employees safe online
  • Customized solutions that fit your business
  • Access to industry-leading products

CT Philippines knows that you have plenty of other things to worry about, so let us worry about making sure your technology is secure and safe from all potential threats.