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Published on: February, 03rd 2016

GET BIGGER BRAINS! CT Philippines now offers Bigger Brains online training courses through affordable subscriptions. Bigger Brains also comes included in all BEST managed support plans as a benefit.

Bigger  Brains courses are expertly designed business skills courses in Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Sales & Marketing, Ethics, Leadership and more. Each course specially designed to maximize and IMMEDIATELY apply what you learn to your advantage. You specify what you want to learn with searchable content from world-class instructors — when it’s convenient with you.

The Bigger Brains online training courses are for professionals who want to further their careers by increasing their aptitude and skills. While there are many online and in-person courses available, Bigger Brains courses are truly unique. The advantages include:

Other Courses Bigger-Brains Courses
Format Usually include a teacher talking for long periods to a camera. Even the most motivated students struggle to attention. Courses are designed based on the latest research about retention and effective learning; courses mirror ideal in-person class atmosphere with a master teacher, a learner, questions, discussion, and more.
Accessibility Classes are in inconvenient 40-50 minute segments. Students can take the training whenever it’s convenient, from any computer or tablet, in bite-sized 10-minute modules.
Course Quality Extreme Variety ranges from basic PowerPoint™ presentations to self-produced, dimly lit videos. We Collaborate with carefully selected instructors to design courses that present a fantastic education, masterfully presented in order to maximize information transfer, from the teacher, to you, the learner.
Presentation Unfortunately even some of the most knowledgeable teachers lack the skills to effectively present materials on camera. Our selection process not only takes an instructor’s knowledge and content mastery into account, but requires an aptitude for effectively presenting the subject matter on camera.
Convenience Since many online courses are recorded in long sections and not searchable, the presentation is more of a deterrent than a convenient learning tool Students can invest just 10-15 minutes per segment, and take courses at times that are convenient and when they want to learn. Each courses module builds on the previous lesson, but courses are also searchable and self-contained, so students who just need specific knowledge can move to the topic or section they need.
Effectiveness Courses range from boring lectures, bland slide show presentations, to overtly enthusiastic entertainment with little practical content. In terms of knowledge that sticks with you, most online courses receive an F. The purpose of each course is to educate, inform, and ultimately change you, the learner – by expanding your knowledge and honing your practical, real-life skills. Each course works to maintain interest (not merely entertain) and facilitate your transformation so that you have increased abilities and capacity to get things done.
Bottom Line Unreliable, unpredictable, and ultimately ineffective. A career – boosting resource of useful, accessible, life-changing information that you can learn now, and apply in real-life situations five minutes from now.

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