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Windows 8 Free Online Training

Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is a significant change to existing versions of Windows. For users operating Windows 8 for the first time it can be a challenge. Just finding the Start button in Windows 8 takes a bit of learning. So to help our clients we have gained access for you to do FREE Window 8 online training using our online training partner Bigger Brains.

Just click on the link below to start the online Video Training it takes about 18 minutes to run you through some key changes and tips to get you started on this new operating environment. Windows 8 is highly regarded in terms of speed and processing but can be a bit of a nightmare for those who haven’t used it before.

Enjoy your training free from Computer Troubleshooters and Bigger Brains

Windows 8 – FREE Training Video

If you like this style of training contact us or Bigger Brains

Comprehensive business & computer training for our customer (subsidy) start at $10.00

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