The Facebook Tizzy, Adobe Flash Player Updater Malware, and Movie Special Effects Before/After

Published on: March 29th, 2018

“What have we learned about Facebook that we didn’t already know?”
“Facebook: A community like no other. Should you leave it?”
“Facebook is tainted – can we build a better one?”

ARTICLES slamming Facebook are everywhere, but today we take a deep breath, consider what all the social media websites are about, and then give you the tools you need to better protect your online privacy.

Beware of fake Adobe Flash Player updaters. As with most fake things out there, they contain malware and will hurt you. Read up on the latest and protect your computer from malware infections. On a lighter note, how about a movie? Or, how about a look at what your favorite movie looked like before the digitized special effects were added?   In this fascinating look behind the scenes, the surprises come not only from the “before and after” looks, but also from what the actors have to go through in order to make those movies – from filming upside down for days on end (ouch, what a headache!) to risking severe electric shock from the equipment they work in while filming.


Hot Topic of the Moment: Facebook vs. Privacy

It’s all over the news, on both TV and the Web: Facebook has been selling your personal information to companies which may or may not be completely trustworthy. Putting the trustworthiness issue aside, I have been reading articles from people who are grossly offended that Facebook is using/sharing their personal information at all.

In Facebook’s defense, or any social media app for that matter, all information posted by the user is considered public to a degree, simply by putting it out there. No one posting information should have any reasonable expectation of privacy because the most basic reason for social apps’ very existence is information SHARING, so we should not be surprised when it is in fact shared.

So if you’re a private type of guy or gal, consider avoiding all the social media websites like the plague, but should you decide to create a social media account just to “connect with your old classmates,” but you still want keep your “stuff” to yourself, then severely limit what information you include in your profile as well as your posts. As for the profile, leave it blank, or mostly blank. No one can share information that isn’t there.

That said, you DO have the power to limit the Facebook sharing platform, or opt out of it altogether (although that will very likely change your experience of the site in a way you may not like). For the step-by-step instructions, see the article below. It is not that difficult, but will require a few minutes of your time.

Opt out of that Facebook sharing platform here

Cory Doctorow,


Malware is being pushed into computers via fake Adobe Flash Player updaters, one of which is called “UpdateChecker.” To add insult to injury, not only does your computer become infected, but at least one of the malware programs causes ads to pop up on your computer every 60 minutes. Nobody wants that!

If you are prompted to update flash, Java, video player, etc., be sure to ONLY update from the actual developer’s site, or a very trusted site, not just some random site. AND, keep your anti-virus software up-to-date in order to head off malware attacks and/or remove malicious programming from your computer. If you need help with that, please contact us.

Learn about UpdateChecker here

Lawrence Abrams,


Harry Potter, Ring Trilogy, Blade Runner fans – do you have any idea what our favorite movies looked like before the digitized special effects were added? This article may be an eye-opener for us all, for special effects appear in every movie, and even the most mundane-seeming scenes such as the pool party in “The Wolf of Wall Street” aren’t necessarily what they appear to be.

Be amazed here

Phil Archbold,


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