Something Good About Windows 10 (no, really!), The Meaning of Meme, and The Most Confusing New Thing

Published on: May 10th, 2018

FROM my unique vantage point here at Computer Troubleshooters, I often hear our clients groan when they hear that their new computer will be running Windows 10. Still pining for Windows XP myself, I really do understand your pain….. But in truth, Windows 10 is easy to use once you get used to it, and has some really good features, one of which we’re exploring today, called “Near Share.”

You can’t spend any amount of time on social media without seeing or reading about memes, and if you’ve been wondering exactly what they are and where they come from, we’ve got the answers. Perhaps our final story, about a new technology from Mercedes called “Heads Up Display,” will inspire you to create your own meme. I look forward to seeing them go viral on Facebook!


Found: Something Good About Windows 10
“Near Share”

What is it? A neat way to wirelessly share pictures, documents and even URLs to a nearby PC that is also running Windows 10 and has also enabled Near Share. Go ahead and cut out the middlemen like DropBox, Messenger, etc., and use Near Share instead!

Learn how to enable Near Share here

Joli Ballew,



What do you mean, “Meme?”

“Meme” was “first introduced by evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins, in 1976.” It “comes from the Greek word “mimema” (meaning “something imitated”, American Heritage Dictionary). Dawkins described memes as a being a form of cultural propagation, which is a way for people to transmit social memories and cultural ideas to each other. Not unlike the way that DNA and life will spread from location to location, a meme idea will also travel from mind to mind.”

Memes are shared and re-shared on social media platforms until they become “viral,” and can be funny, shocking, contain Urban Myths, social commentary, etc. Read about Memes and get links to your favorite categories, below.

Get your Meme on here

Paul Gil,


Most Confusing New Thing!

Mercedes is creating a HUD (Heads Up Display) using a car’s headlights as a smart projector. The car could, in theory, project a crosswalk on the road surface, thus indicating to the pedestrians that the car and its driver sees them, and it’s safe to cross. As the pedestrian, would you trust that, or does it just mean that the CAR sees you, however, the driver may not?

Ok, let’s say it’s a dark and stormy night as you approach a construction zone littered with a gazillion traffic cones and the path through them is difficult to make out through the pouring rain. Would it be helpful if your car could project the path in front of you, helping you to safely weave your way through the cones? Probably yes. So perhaps, as with a lot of new technologies, some aspects will fail while others succeed. The probability of seeing this technology is likely years away, but exploring the possibilities is fascinating anyway.

Light up your driving here

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