Ransomware Attack on Atlanta, Amazon’s Access To Your Home and Car, and Re-designed Gmail

Published on: May 03rd, 2018

RANSOMWARE attacks are an ongoing problem. This week’s story describes what happened when the City of Atlanta was the victim. Once attacked, NO resolution is simple, fast or cheap.

Would you allow total strangers access to the inside of your unattended house, in order to deliver a package? What about your car? That’s what Amazon wants, and thinks YOU want, too.

Google recently re-designed Gmail and added some really great features – it’s this week’s best new thing!


Ransomware attacks: Costly to pay them off (and by “feeding” them, we simply keep the scheme going) and even costlier to recover from, after declining to pay. The decision is admittedly a difficult one and is made on a case-by-case basis.   The City of Atlanta spent $2.6 million dollars in order to recover from an estimated $52,000 ransomware attack.

Have you done everything possible to keep your business safe from such an attack?
If this story makes you uncomfortable, and it should, please call us.  We can help.

Read the City of Atlanta’s story here

Lily Hay Newman, wired.com


Recently I was reading a list of things that have been put on the Internet but should really be taken off, when I ran across an article about a new service offered by Amazon: in “partnership with two major automakers – General Motors and Volvo,” Amazon will begin using the “connected technologies embedded in many modern vehicles today” in order to allow delivery people to open your car’s trunk and leave packages inside.

This service follows last year’s new Amazon service requesting permission to unlock your front door in order to leave packages inside.

Is this super convenient, or just plain crazy?

Check it out and make up your own mind!

Andrew J. Hawkins, theverge.com


Best New Thing!
Google’s Re-Designed Gmail!

With new features like email snoozing, confidential mode, one-tap unsubscribe prompt, anti-phishing enhancements, and even a Two-factor Authentication for a single confidential email, this article is a must-read for all Gmail users!

Check out the new stuff here!

Swati Khandelwal, TheHackerNews.com


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