Hi-Tech IOT Hearing Aids, Rhoomba Floor Plans & DuckDuckGo

Published on: April 12th, 2018

WITH a little IOT IFTTT wizardry, today’s high-tech digital hearing aids can literally turn on the lights and brew up a pot of coffee. Read up on them and see if any of your loved ones could benefit from a pair of helpful hearing aids.

Except for certain types of clowns, I rarely get creeped out by what I see in the media, but a certain article about the newer Rhoomba vacuum cleaners made my skin crawl. Check it out below and see if you have the same reaction. Do you really want one in your home?

And while you’re still looking over your shoulder, check out a new internet search engine that doesn’t follow you around the Web recording everything you do, and then target you with ad after ad: DuckDuckGo!



Hearing Aids are Smart too!

Add hearing aids to the growing list of IOT (internet of Things). With some carefully thought-out IFTTT (If This then That) statements, they can make a world of difference to the hearing-impaired by interacting with other Smart (or Connected) devices.

If you think hearing aids are just for the elderly, consider this: with connected hearing aids, a student can place his or her cell phone on the teacher’s desk and the teacher’s lecture will stream directly into the student’s ears. How awesome is that?

Now hear this!


Shara Tibken, Roger Cheng, cnet.com


Rhoomba gets creepy

Depending on the age of your Rhoomba, it may be mapping your home and transmitting the information (including “room dimensions, furniture position and distances to different objects placed in your room”) to its parent company, iRobot. And if you have signed the privacy statement, you’ve likely already given iRobot permission to sell your home’s floor plan to 3rd parties such as Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon.

This could be a good thing, in that these 3rd parties could use the information to help your Smart Home run at its most efficient.

This could be an annoying thing as iRobot sells your information to selected vendors in order to inundate you with targeted ads so that you purchase goods from iRobot’s ecosystem bucket instead of someone else’s.

This could be a bad thing, from a security point of view. If iRobot, or their third-party vendors’ websites should get hacked, would you want your home’s floor plan to wind up in the hands of criminals?

Investigate Rhoomba mapping here


Swati Khandelwal, thehackernews.com



It’s true: Google IS watching you and tracking everything you do

If you’re fed up with being watched, tracked and targeted, try the DuckDuckGo search engine. It is less predictive and more creative in its offerings, and best of all: DuckDuckGo doesn’t follow you around the Web, recording everything you do. If that sounds as intriguing to you as it did to me, then check out one person’s review of DDG after spending a week “in the pond” with it.

DuckDuckGo review here

Go to DuckDuckGo!


Rebecca Sentence, searchenginewatch.com


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