Are You Using Slow Times To Boost Your Team’s Skills?

Published on: November 21st, 2014

Want to use your time more wisely? If you are like us you might be having some slow time during the holidays. This is a perfect time to get caught up and learn new tools. Something to check out during this time is Bigger Brains. This is a training module that contains: web-based E-Learning, software, internet application and business soft skills courses, etc.

More specifically to medical offices they offer:

  • HIPAA training courses: One important training video they offer is Intro to HIPAA for Covered Entitles which helps you begin to plan your HIPAA compliance plan.

Other Videos Offered:

  • Microsoft Excel: This is where you will learn the basics of Microsoft Excel as well as how to use all of the functions of Excel to make spreadsheets. They also offer a multitude of other Microsoft application courses.
  • Entrepreneuring: They also include entrepreneur videos which are great for sales reps, managers, and any future team leaders.

These courses are both entertaining and effective in transferring knowledge. Through CT Business Solutions you can receive unlimited training videos for $15 a month per user rather than $18 a month if you go straight through Bigger Brains. Also, if you sign up for our Best Proactive Plan you get this training tool for FREE! So call us today at 610-409-9800 (option 2) and make your slow times more profitable through training with Bigger Brains!


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