Rise in cybercrime surprising?

Published on: November 26th, 2019

As a youth, I lived in a foreign country for a couple of years and then, complements of the US Army, I was in Iraq for a bit. One thing that I learned that might not be as apparent to someone who hasn’t really spent time outside the U.S. (a trip to another first world area like Western Europe doesn’t count) living in the US., we are the “haves,” and there a lot of “have nots” populating the rest of world.

I didn’t want to turn this blog into a bunch of statistics but just to have some quantitative backing, a quick Google shows median U.S household income $63, 179, median global household income $9,733.

When going to some of these countries less fortunate then us, one will soon be solicited to buy something. They know we have money. A few dollars for their goods and services means a lot to them. Maybe a weeks’ worth of meals for them and not just a meal. Unfortunately, instead of the hard work of pushing goods and services, some of these less fortunate individuals will use physical crime if you make yourself an easy target while in their homeland.

Now the world is quickly getting connected together. A decent amount of the predicted 6 billion Internet users by 2022 would like our money. No problem if they are offering legitimate goods and services. Hooray for e-commerce! But many will turn to the low risk, high reward of cybercrime.

Even “IRL:, over in their country, a perpetrator committing a physical crime against a tourist has a degree of confidence knowing the limitations and capabilities of local law enforcement and knowing you are in unfamiliar territory. This confidence of not being caught seems to be compounded in the cyber world. A cybercriminal can hack, hack, and hack away at your systems half way around the world without having to worry about their local law enforcement knocking on their door. See this article on Venezuela for example. Why not try to help yourself and family through cybercrime if your government has caused the downfall of your economy and will turn a blind eye to cybercrime?

So in short, as a recent study from F-Secure says it is no surprise the U.S. is one of the most cyber attacked countries given its size, economy, and connectivity. Will you be making yourself an easy target online?


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