Protect and serve all your nodes!

Published on: September 04th, 2015

We have kept busy here at CT Business Solutions Collegeville this year. We have been adding clients to our “managed node empire” slowly but surely and have finally reached one hundred Windows and Apple systems that we are proactively managing and maintaining!

What is important to note is that this does not include smart phones. Have your ever used one? 🙂 We also have been installing on our clients’ smart phones technology to track and maintain those not-too-far out of reach devices. Especially for our medical clients.

One of the top two risks to mitigate against in HIPAA compliance is loss of mobile devices. (The other is employee error or sabotage) Most commonly, medical staff have lost or had stolen laptops with scores of patient’s data on an unencrypted laptop.

You have to keep in mind the smart phones too . . . maybe not so obviously. Do you get e-mail containing patient data on your smartphone? How about texts? Even pictures you might have taken from your smart phone could have electronic protected health information (ePHI). All that needs to be protected. In HIPAA speak, the risk needs to be mitigated.

CT Business Solution uses technology that can geo locate, wipe, and inventory your smart phones that might be carrying around ePHI.

So have a policy to not have ePHI on smart phones (I don’t think doctors are going to find this very convenient) or get some way to proactively manage them!


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