CT Business Solutions Collegeville - B.E.S.T. Proactive Service Plan for Medical Offices



Business Enhanced Service Technology (B.E.S.T.) Proactive Service Plan for Medical Offices

  • Fast, reliable desktops at check out and check in.  You need these to be operational so patients and staff can focus on treatment and not administrative delays.reception desk


  • User friendly mobile devices so doctors and staff can chart efficiently.  You want the flexibility to chart in the treatment room, in between seeing patients, or on road.   Charts have to get done.   You need to be able to work anytime, from anywhere, and from any device.


  • High speed network backbone so X-rays can be displayed effectively.   DICOM files are a lot of bytes.   You need the bandwidth to access and view them.


  • Flexible phone systems to get patients to the right staff.  You need to automate the “triage” of incoming calls so patients talk to the right staff as quickly as possible


  • HIPAA compliance documentation and monitoring to help you comply with the Security Rule.   You could hire a consultant to come in one time, write a bunch of policies and procedures that sound good on paper but then those polices are never followed or procedures ever done.   We will make sure you comply with thirteen of the required HIPAA Security Rule measures along with ten of the addressable measures.  Doing these on a continuous basis will actual reduce the risk of a breach, the whole point of the Security rule.  So not just IT service.  Compliance as a service!


  • Latest software and training, making sure your staff’s brains are always upgraded!   Nothing better then investing in your staff’s greatest asset, their brains!


  • Persevering technicians to work with EHR vendors in solving issues.  The other option is to have your staff on the phone with software vendors for lengthy amounts ot time trying to decipher IT talk.


  • Knowledgeable technicians for your staff to call so they can get back to caring for patients.   I’m sure your staff is good at their jobs.  Let them do it!  Leave the computer troubleshooting to us.