Information Technology for Your Medical Practice

solve IT headaches

Need to ensure your medical practice’s computers and phones are running smoothly before patients start coming in the door? Need to print something out for a patient, but can’t?   Want to be able to call competent and friendly technicians to resolve the problem?   Does the HIPAA Security Rule keep you up at night wondering if proper measures are in place to protect your patients’ electronic protected health information?  CT Business Solutions Collegeville can help with Information Technology for your medical practice.

protect patient data

CT Business Solutions Collegeville can use its B.E.S.T. Proactive Medical service plan to provide information technology for your medical practice.  We provide this service from the Philadelphia Main Line, through King of Prussia, to Reading, PA.  We proactively monitor, maintain, and support your servers, PCs, MACs, and whatever other mobile devices are used in your medical practice.  The big value added to our service is we ensure protection of your patients’ data through “Compliance as a Service.” This refers to not only annual security risks analyses, but active auditing and assistance in making sure a breach of patient data does not take place.

start culture of compliance today

Call 610-409-9800 today to learn more about our B.E.S.T. Proactive Medical service plan. We can do a no obligation, no pressure working lunch to go over some HIPAA security tech tips.  In other words, basic cyber security training for your staff to ensure your patients’ data is protected.

note for other local small businesses

CT Business Solutions still offers its B.E.S.T. Proactive service plans to other local small businesses.  These businesses also must make sure that their IT systems are reliable, their business continues in the event of a disaster, and their clients’ data is safe and secure.