FreshStart-get your slow laptop running better than new

Published on: June 19th, 2018

Have a three to five year old slow laptop?

Last month,  I blogged about proper computer disposal and reuse.  Specifically, for businesses with sensitive information like medical offices with patient data.  But what if you have a slow laptop that is three to five years old, limping along, most likely has malware, and you would like to get another year or two out of it?  CT Business Solutions sort of got out of the computer repair business a few years ago.  Why?  It was hard to quantify the service from several aspects like:  How long would it take?  How expensive would it be?  If needed, can the part be replaced?

Now offering FreshStart service from Cyberspa

But now, with our recent partnership with Cyerspa and their FreshStart technology,  we can offer a straightforward efficient way to get your laptop running like almost new or better.  How?  See our flyer that highlights the Freshstart service benefits.  But in a nutshell, the Freshstart service includes:

-A new, state-of-the art Solid State Drive

-A full, virus and malware scan

-A complete transfer of all files, favorites, and settings

-New installations of Windows and select software

-Old drive returned, everything left intact

Service reduced to $99 if work in medical office!

Also, because we are still focused on marketing our B.E.S.T. Proactive Medical service plan, we are offering the FreshStart service for $99 if you work in a medical office.  Yes, even if it is your own personal computer!


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