Encrypt those thumb drives!

Published on: September 25th, 2019

If your practice has done a risk analysis to determine the risk to the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility to your practice’s ePHI, you probably know a significant risk is in mobile devices like laptops and cell phones.  What about something else that is portable and even smaller?   You guessed it, USB thumb drives.

These things pack quite amount of space these days and it is so easy to plug into one of the plethora of USB slots in one of your practice’s systems and copy over data.

But what if you lost that USB or had it stolen?  A potential Cybercriminal\Identity Thief can also easily slip it into their computer and pull the data up.

Yep, just like laptops and cell phones, you must ensure encryption on the USB thumb drives.  Do you have to buy expensive software to make this happen?

Not if you have Windows 10 Pro!  Enter a Windows feature called  BitLocker GO!

In Windows Explorer, you simply right click on the thumb drive and hit “Turn on BitLocker”  After Windows chugs away a bit, you choose “Use a password to unlock the drive”.   Then enter a strong password, twice.  Then Windows will chug away again encrypting your drive.  Once done, when someone now puts that USB thumb drive in a system, they have to enter that password to unencrypt and read.

This minor inconvenience is defiantly worth it to mitigate the big risk of losing a thumb drive not knowing who will find it and try to access it.

Stayed tuned for YouTube video demonstrating this easy process!


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