Secure Google account through Google Authenticator mobile app

Published on: February 19th, 2018

Would you want your Google account compromised?

Do you use Google for e-mail?  Have you started to use it for other services like Google Drive, Maps, You Tube, or synchronizing bookmarks in Chrome?

I increasingly use Google for personal business.  Even sharing potential sensitive information with family through Google Drive.  You usually have one account or set of credentials (username and password) to access all Google services.  This is convenient, but what if those credentials become compromised?  Any cyber criminal can now access your Google account through the Internet.

Prevent the comprise with with Google Authenticator

Google does have security measures against this, like notifying you by e-mail or phone that a new device has accessed your account but what if there was an easy way to prevent this in the first place?

Enter Google Authenticator, a free app you can install on your iPhone or Android.

After Google Authenticator is set up, when logging in from an unfamilar device, along with first asking for your credentials, Google will now ask you for a code which you find on the Google Authenticator app on your phone .  Then that device is trusted and you will not have to find code again when accessing Google through that device .  So it is really not a big inconvenience for this extra security.   You simply have to find the code once for each device you use.

Instructions on setting it up:

Find, download, and install the Google Authenticator app to your smart phone

On a computer, in Google, go to My Account>Signing in to Google>2-Step Verification>Set up alternative second step> under Authenticator app “Begin Setup”

Now, rest easier at night, knowing your cyber life is more secure!


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