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Interesting cyber crime trend.

Posted on: 06/06/2019 | by: Jim Carmody

I was reading an article about cyber crime trends.  This article, of course talked about how phishing attempts are still growing.   Cyber criminals infiltrating your network by simply sending an e-mail and playing on people’s emotions is still very relevant.  But the author of another article, this article linked to, hinted we might be sick […]

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Good way to train employees against phishing attacks

Posted on: 04/29/2019 | by: Jim Carmody

At the end of last year, I wrote about how Phishing attacks are one of the biggest threats.   Instead of telling people “Hey, watch out for phishing attacks!”,  what is one of the best ways to train people to be on the look out for phishing e-mails?  Test them by sending them a fake phishing […]

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Windows 7, time to say goodbye

Posted on: 02/19/2019 | by: Jim Carmody

Just like beloved XP, Windows 7 is going to be end of life cycle next January.  Vista , did the same, but not as beloved so I don’t think many noticed.   What does end of life cycle mean?  It means no more patches.  With that, security patches.  Which means if a security flaw is […]

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Phishing attacks, one of the biggest threats

Posted on: 11/24/2018 | by: Jim Carmody

One of the biggest threats to the electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) in your practice’s IT systems is phishing attacks by e-mail. If you are not familiar, cyber criminals send an e-mail to someone in your practice and try to trick them into clicking on a link.   This link sends them somewhere on the Internet […]

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YouTube video, how to encrypt your Windows 10 Pro computer

Posted on: 10/10/2018 | by: Jim Carmody

Yesterday, I made a YouTube video showing how to encrypt your Windows 10 Pro computer using Windows BitLocker.  This video supplements my previous post of “Encrypt data at rest, laptop encryption.

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Breached! my medical information

Posted on: 08/23/2018 | by: Jim Carmody

Last month, I received a letter that a Business Associate’s medical information that they use was breached.  This possibly resulted in my medical information being leaked.  Remember, a Business Associate is not where a patient receives treatment but a third party vendor, someone the Covered Entity you went to trusts with your medical information. What […]

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YouTube video, security of computer hard drives

Posted on: 07/17/2018 | by: Jim Carmody

Recently, I made a YouTube video demonstrating why security of computer hard drives is important.  This video basically encapsulates my previous two posts of “Encrypt data at rest, laptop encryption” and “Computer disposal and reuse for your medical practice.

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FreshStart-get your slow laptop running better than new

Posted on: 06/19/2018 | by: Jim Carmody

Have a three to five year old slow laptop? Last month,  I blogged about proper computer disposal and reuse.  Specifically, for businesses with sensitive information like medical offices with patient data.  But what if you have a slow laptop that is three to five years old, limping along, most likely has malware, and you would like […]

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Computer disposal and reuse for your medical practice

Posted on: 05/14/2018 | by: Jim Carmody

old computers at your medical practice Does your medical practice have old computers lying around or in a storage area?  These computers could be there because your practice just upgraded or replaced computers.   You have kept the old ones around in case you needed important information off of them.  This reason of “could have important […]

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Encrypt data at rest, laptop encryption

Posted on: 04/17/2018 | by: Jim Carmody

Think laptop with password is secure? Recently, a small medical office posted a rudimentary breach notification informing the public that thieves had stolen a laptop from their office.    They emphasized a couple times not to worry because the Windows laptop needed a password to log into it.  That’s great but anybody with some computer skills […]

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