Apple Constructing Wireless Charged iPhone by 2017

Published on: February, 26th 2016 | Under: Industry News: This Week in IT, Technology & Tools

wireless charged iphone imageWe’ve all found ourselves frantically searching for a charger while desperately clinging onto our iPhone’s diminishing battery life. Being tied to wall charger is beginning to look like a thing of the past as Apple Inc. collaborates with developers in the U.S. and Asia to create enhanced charging technology for our smart devices.

Apple’s ground-breaking technology provides future iPhones and iPads with the ability to be powered further away from charging stations, thus eliminating cords all together. With every new Apple release the company gains more of an edge over the competition because the company can sell its elite products at a premium, and consumers desire alone has helped the iPhone and iPad generate more than three quarters of Apple’s revenue.

Wirelessly-charged smartphones have been developed by infamous Apple rivals like Samsung Electronics Co., Google Inc., and Sony Corp., but most Apple products still lack unlimited proximity to a charging pad.

A major roadblock Apple wireless charging runs into is the proximity of the receiver to the transmitter. Basically, the further away your iPhone is from the charging station means batteries will take longer to fully recharge.

Apple’s ‘Holy Grail’ is to eliminate the charging pad all-together so that wireless charging can take on the characteristics of Wi-Fi as early as next year. In theory you’d be able to be inches or feet away from the charging station while walking around a room as the device charges.

Apple is known for its products and the elite experience it bring to each user, so it’s not a surprise that Apple has waited to release its wireless charging capabilities until is has been perfected. It will change the dynamics of the way people set up wireless charging, cabling, and it is possibly in theory that all Apple products going forward will be wireless, thus completely changing the game.

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