Windows 8 Gets an Upgrade, We Look at 3 Features

Published on: November, 18th 2013 | Under: Computer Repair, Industry News: This Week in IT, Technology & Tools

There has been much discussion surrounding Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, and with the recent launch of the 8.1 upgrade the discussion is getting louder.

We have reviewed 3 modifications that come with the 8.1 upgrade.  So if you are thinking about taking the plunge to buy a new computer or upgrading your Windows 8 operating system (especially if you are still running XP and the April doomsday is approaching quickly) you will better understand these 3 features.

Windows 8.1Start Button Revived (kind of): The way users reacted when Windows 8 appeared without a Start Button, was nothing short of a modern day riot. Microsoft listened; they brought back the Start Button.  The new Start Button will not work exactly like it did in previous operating systems; it will provide you with a shortcut to the tile menu and if you right click it will provide a contextual menu with additional options.

Snap Gets Upgraded: If you are not familiar with Snap, it is very handy and you should get acquainted.  Snap gives you the ability to have multiple app screens open at the same time. This is a great feature, but fell short in Windows 8.  In the 8.1 upgrade, they were able to correct the mistake and give you the ability to resize smaller windows to virtually any size with the swipe of your finger.

Enhanced Search: Windows 8 provided new search capabilities, but like many other features fell short of expectations and ability to use.  The new search allowed you to start typing on the Start screen and search for settings, content, apps, and things on the web.  With the 8.1 upgrade, Microsoft’s Smart Search powered by Bing, the search results are organized into a visually driven page that will create order to the information provided.

Is the upgraded Windows 8.1 perfect?  No, but many of the fixes and features that the upgrade includes, provides a better user experience between a tablet and an actual desktop pc.  Many people felt as though Microsoft launched Windows 8 to the tablet market forgetting its place in the desktop market creating frustration among users.

They are listening to the market, and creating solutions to the most vital issues so buying a new computer with Windows 8 on it should not seem like you are jumping into uncharted waters.  The unfortunate part is that you have little choice, all new computers being rolled out come standard with the Windows 8 and the ability to upgrade to 8.1, and with the demise of Windows XP happening in April, 2014 many people are in the market for a new computer.

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