Struggling with Your New Year’s Resolutions? There’s an app for that!

Published on: January, 27th 2015 | Under: Technology & Tools

New Year's resolutions.If you are like most of us, your list of New Year’s resolutions probably includes ambitious plans to go on a diet, lose weight, commit to a fitness plan and get in shape. To attain these goals you might need some medical information and professional guidance. You will probably also require some motivational support combined with a little bit of friendly nagging. As you might imagine – there’s an app for that!

Here are six apps that can help you shape up and improve your health in 2015:

  • Want to lose weight?

Meet your new best friend – MyFitnessPal. Available for iOS and Android, this app does a lot more than just count your calories. MyFitnessPal has a database with complete nutritional details for over 4 million foods. It’s easy to log food, meals and recipes plus it presents a terrific selection of weight-loss plans. Click here for further details on MyFitnessPal.


  • Trying to get fit?

Maybe it’s time forget about that personal trainer you secretly dislike. Take charge with the PACT app because it motivates you in a different manner. PACT actually lets you earn cash for your efforts at healthy living. It’s paid to you by the member who failed! Yes, you lose weight and save money at the same time. It sounds like a plot for a comedy, but it seems to be successful with members hitting 92% of their goals. To learn more about PACT, click here.


  • Ready to drink more water and less alcohol?

One way to consume less beer, wine and booze is to start drinking more water. Water? Try it – you might like it! Waterlogged is an app for iOS users that provides charts and reminders to keep your water consumption on track. This highly popular app also works with Fitbit. For Android users, try the helpful Water Your Body app. Click here to learn about Waterlogged for iOS. Click here to learn about Water Your Body for Android.


  • Ready to quit smoking?

Step away from the cigarettes – it’s time! MyQuit Coach is an iOS app that gives you the options to quit smoking immediately or to gradually decrease your daily nicotine intake. Physician approved and easy to use, this app manages attainable goals that will help you to stop smoking. To learn more about MyQuit Coach, click here.


  • Time to start healthy eating?

It’s also time to step away from the Hamburger Helper! Give the True Food app (available in both iOS and Android) a try. It’s not just another diet app because it gives you the facts on actual food ingredients. When it comes to packaged food, over 70% of the products on grocery store shelves contain genetically modified ingredients. Be aware of what you are eating with this app created by the Center for Food Safety. Click here to learn more about the True Food app.

  • Failing at managing your stress?

Take a deep breath and realize that you might need some help to break the ongoing cycle of stress in your life. School, job, commute, family, money woes – we all have our worries. Don’t suffer through another sleepless night. Try the Stress Free app (available in both iOS and Android) by slipping on your headphones and drifting into a state of deep relaxation. To learn more about the Stress Free app, click here.


Good Luck with Your Goals for 2015!

Computer Troubleshooters is here to assure you that technology can really help you meet those New Year’s goals and resolutions. If you need further information about smartphones, downloading apps or need computer assistance, please contact your local Computer Troubleshooters office. One of their technology professionals will be happy to help you.

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