DIY Samsung Laptop Screen Repair

Published on: May, 10th 2017 | Under: Computer Repair

Fixing a laptop screen isn’t always a job strictly for the professionals. With the right tools and tips, you can save yourself time and money by repairing your laptop yourself. If you’re interested in performing your own Samsung laptop screen repair, follow this easy DIY guide from Computer Troubleshooters.

12 Steps for a Samsung Laptop Screen RepairDIY Samsung laptop screen repair guide

  1. Before you begin your repair, power off your laptop and remove any charging cords or connected devices.
  2. Use an opening tool, like a pick, to pry the screen away from the laptop’s back cover. Note: Insert the pick over the rubber lining rather than underneath it to prevent further damage.
  3. If your laptop model has a touchscreen, locate the wire connecting the laptop’s joint to the bottom of the laptop.
  4. Use a pair of tweezers to grasp the wire and carefully pull it away.
  5. Locate the two 3.7 mm screws on the top of the monitor and unscrew them.
  6. Place the screws somewhere nearby and remove the frame.
  7. Exposing the entire screen, locate the six 3.7 mm screws surrounding the screen.
  8. Unscrew the screws and place them nearby.
  9. Pull the screen downward and locate the tape covering the video connection at the bottom of the laptop.
  10. Gently peel back the tape and remove the video cables that connect to the screen. Note: If you’re having difficulty removing the cables, try using a pair of tweezers for an easier grip.
  11. The old screen should be free now and ready for complete removal.
  12. Locate your new screen and follow these steps in reverse to reassemble your Samsung laptop.

Laptop screen repairs can vary in difficulty depending on the damage. If you’d rather leave the repairing to professionals, contact your local Computer Troubleshooters technicians for a hassle-free Samsung laptop screen repair! Our team works quickly to provide you with a quality repair that will have your laptop looking like new again. Find a CT office nearest you here to get started today.

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