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free up space in iCloud

How to Free Up Space in iCloud

Kim Weinberger On: December, 1st 2018 | Under: Cloud Computing, How To: Technology 101

If you own an iPhone, iPad or any Apple device, you’re familiar with the notification “iCloud Storage Is Full.” Instead of clicking the Upgrade Storage or Cancel button, follow these steps to free up space in iCloud to stop receiving those pesky notifications. 4 Steps to Free Up Space in iCloud If you run out […]

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cloud storage

5 Ways Cloud Storage Can Help Your Business

Kim Weinberger On: January, 25th 2017 | Under: Cloud Computing

Nowadays it seems like everything is being stored in the digital cloud. From Apple’s iCloud for your music and photos to Google Drive for documents and spreadsheets, cloud storage is changing the way business is done. For many business owners, the data that exists on your company’s servers is growing faster than you can store […]

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cloud computing for business

5 Ways Cloud Computing Can Benefit Your Business

Kim Weinberger On: November, 17th 2015 | Under: Cloud Computing

What Exactly Is “The Cloud”? Do you watch your favorite shows from Netflix on your tablet?  Do you save files to Dropbox at work so you can work on them from home?  Are you backing up your iPhone to the Apple iCloud?  If you said yes to any of these, you are in fact already […]

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Public Wi-Fi Saftey


Kim Weinberger On: November, 6th 2014 | Under: Cloud Computing

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Cyber security begins with a simple message that everyone using the Internet should always consider: STOP. THINK. CONNECT. This is particularly true when it comes to using public Wi-Fi. This service is both a convenience and a curse. Free Wi-Fi lures customers to stick around the café longer […]

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How Office 365 Can Transform Your Business

Kim Weinberger On: August, 8th 2014 | Under: Cloud Computing, General

Most of us are familiar with Microsoft Office and its suite of applications and services that includes Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook. Office became such a tremendously successful product that by 2012 it reached over a billion worldwide users.

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What is Remote Support?

Kim Weinberger On: July, 22nd 2014 | Under: Cloud Computing, Computer Repair, General

Remote support is a service that is delivered via a secure internet connection. Anyplace where you can access the internet, you can probably take advantage of Remote Support. A technical support representative who is working from a remote location can access an end-user’s computer via the internet.

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What is Remote Monitoring and Maintenance?

Kim Weinberger On: July, 24th 2014 | Under: Cloud Computing, General, Managed Services

These days there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the term Remote Monitoring and Maintenance (RMM) also known as Proactive Monitoring. Let’s explore what this term means and how it can benefit not only the technology in your business, but also your business as a whole.

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IT Support for your Small Business

Kim Weinberger On: March, 18th 2014 | Under: Cloud Computing, How To: Technology 101, Managed Services

There are over 23 million small business owners in the United States who are competing with larger companies each and every day. One of the only ways a small business can stay competitive is through the strategic use of technology. Most small business owners see technology as the tool to use when it comes to […]

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Why you need to upgrade from XP!

Kim Weinberger On: February, 16th 2014 | Under: Cloud Computing, Computer Repair, Industry News: This Week in IT, Technology & Tools

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Small Businesses Face the Same IT Concerns as Large Companies

Kim Weinberger On: November, 25th 2013 | Under: Cloud Computing, Industry News: This Week in IT, Technology & Tools

According to Gartner Research, small business spends three to eight percent of its revenue on technology. The small business IT budget may be smaller, but the technology issues they deal with are nearly the same. Besides the budget size, another difference is that small businesses are more at risk from technical issues than their larger […]

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