Best Technology for Boosting Workplace Productivity

Published on: November, 10th 2017 | Under: Technology & Tools

Being productive in the workplace all boils down to efficiency. Though some of us may already have a routine down, there’s always room for improvement or learning a new way to tackle a task.

technology for boosting workplace productivity

5 Ways to Use Technology to Boost Workplace Productivity

Utilize these gadgets and technology to boost your workplace productivity.

1. Charge Up

These days, a majority of a business’s work is done on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or another device. This is great news for those who work remotely or find themselves often on-the-go for work. Ensure you’re devices are all charged up and ready to go to work with a mobile power bank. If you find yourself constantly travelling for business purposes, it’s wise to invest in a power bank with a large power capacity so you can charge your devices multiple times.

2. Evernote

Consider downloading Evernote Business, a productivity-based app designed to streamline your work. Use the app to collaborate with coworkers, view and store notes, manage team members, and much more. With Evernote serving as a hub for all your workplace business and tasks, you’re sure to get organized and boost productivity in no time.

3. Portable Monitor

Investing in a portable monitor or two is a great idea for both creative and traditional professionals. If you don’t have access to a second computer screen or are simply looking for a more cost-effective option, portable monitors are your best choice. With the flexibility to add or remove your additional screen at a moment’s notice, you can pump up your productivity when you need it most.

4. Slack

If you don’t already have a messaging system for your colleagues, one of the most trusted applications you can utilize is Slack. This messaging app keeps your conversations with coworkers in one place, is instant-messaging focused, and is easily customizable for shortcuts, statuses, and more. With Slack, gone are the days of going through the trouble of composing an email for a simple request. Your coworkers are now just an instant message away!

5. LastPass

LastPass is the browser extension designed with security and efficiency in mind. If you find yourself inputting several login credentials a day, LastPass may be a good fit for you. Secured by one master password, you can add your login information for any site and store the information in the LastPass vault. When you visit any site stored within your vault, an icon will appear in the login field and your credentials will automatically appear for a faster, more secure login experience.

At Computer Troubleshooters, we understand the need to have technology that helps you get your tasks done quickly. If technology issues are disrupting your productivity, contact your local CT office here for expert help and solutions.

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