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Month: December 2015

microsoft powerapps for business

No More Coding Thanks To Microsoft PowerApps

Kim Weinberger On: December, 28th 2015 | Under: Industry News: This Week in IT, Technology & Tools

PCs were traditionally the main tools that made business possible and ensured day-to-day job functions were completed. As technology accelerates and evolves, business is done virtually everywhere and anywhere through laptops, phones, tablets and more. Mobility and the cloud have also transformed the business world immensely, but many of the applications we use still limit […]

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evernote app productivity tool

Top 5 Productivity Applications

Kim Weinberger On: December, 17th 2015 | Under: Technology & Tools

Not everyone can afford to have their own personal assistant while remaining snuggly in their budgets. As society evolves, so do the wants and needs pertaining to technology. Being thinner, quicker, cheaper, and all the size of a quarter are ideal technology characteristics. With the evolution of technology rapidly producing new life-enhancing gadgets by the […]

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