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Month: January 2014

3 Reason To Install A Linux Operating System

Kim Weinberger On: January, 30th 2014 | Under: Technology & Tools

Linux is both open-source and free to download, making it difficult to calculate an accurate number as far as its market share. Despite the proverbial “one percent” thrown around by various bloggers and technology publications, some estimate up to 8 percent saturation. Dell reported that almost 33 percent of its notebooks shipped with Ubuntu, the […]

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Choosing the Right Business Technology Solutions

Kim Weinberger On: January, 30th 2014 | Under: Features, How To: Technology 101, Industry News: This Week in IT, Technology & Tools

Are your business technology solutions aligned with the larger goals of your business? Unfortunately, for many businesses the answer is no.

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Facing Your Technology Issues as a Small Business Owner Head on!

Kim Weinberger On: January, 12th 2014 | Under: Industry News: This Week in IT, Managed Services, Technology & Tools

As a small business owner you are forced to wear many different hats and deal with numerous problems each and every day.  Many of problems originate from business technology working improperly or not as anticipated.

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