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5 Signs You Have a Computer Virus

Published on: August, 14th 2017

virus crawling out of keyboard

Unfortunately, new viruses arise daily and harm regular people just like you. As consumers who browse the web, we don’t always know if a website is 100 percent safe. Hackers and scammers are trickier than ever! They mask their threats so well that we can mistakenly click and become a victim of a computer virus instantly. Review the following signs to know if you have a computer virus and learn what to do to save your device.

Does my laptop have a computer virus?

Learn the signs and how to act fast if you encounter a virus!

  1. Low Hard Drive Space

virus crawling out of keyboardIf your computer shows that you are running out of storage space, that may be a sign you have a computer virus. First, check your hard drive to see if your storage space has suddenly–and strangely–filled up or if you have any files missing. Little storage space can be a sign of a virus because some malware works to fill up storage space in order to accomplish a crash.

  1. Pop Up Ads

One of the most obvious and annoying signs of a virus are pop-up ads. These ads can be very frustrating as they usually come in packs and can bring even more harm to your system. Remember, don’t click on any suspicious pop-up windows and be cautious as you download certain things to your computer.

  1. Operating Slowly

When a virus hits, one noticeable sign is that your computer is running very slowly and simple things like opening a document take much longer than usual. Another hint is your internet is slow, and as you navigate through a website, the connection can lag.

  1. Constantly Crashing

A clear warning sign that you need an anti-virus system ASAP is that your computer shuts down randomly. A computer crash, or a blue screen of death, may be headed your way. You need to act fast and back up your files or initiate an antivirus program immediately.

  1. Messages/Programs Start Automatically

A warning sign of a computer virus includes programs suddenly opening and closing or your computer shutting down altogether for no reason. You may also notice pop-up windows booting up or a message telling you that you lost access to certain devices.

At Computer Troubleshooters, we work hard to ensure you are protected at home and work by implementing security services and educating you about online safety. We provide our clients with the highest level of security possible to guard them against viruses, malware, spyware, and other malicious attacks. To learn more about our anti-virus programs, contact a local Computer Troubleshooters today!


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