How Home Networking Works

Published on: February, 24th 2011 | Under: Computer Networking, How To: Technology 101, Technology & Tools

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Once viewed as an excessive technological need, home networking is becoming more and more common. Why? Because home networking is now cheaper than ever, and the uses for them are now clearer than ever.In to addition to using computers for email, people are using them for schoolwork, shopping, sharing files, video games, downloading music and videos.

home networkIn most households, one computer is no longer enough to meet the needs of everyone in the house. Since most homes now have more than one computer, a home network often becomes a necessity rather than a technical toy.

A home network is simply a method of allowing computers to communication with one another.

If you have two or more computers in your home, a network can let them share:

  • Files and documents
  • An Internet connection
  • Printers, print servers and scanners
  • Stereos, TVs and game systems
  • CD burners

There are countless types of home computer networks, but they all have very similar components, which are:

  • They include more they one computer.
  • They consist of hardware (such as a router) and software.
  • A path for the information to follow from one computer to another.

Home computer networking can be a confusing process. Have questions? Contact your local Computer Troubleshooters franchise today!

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