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Published on: July 23rd, 2019

“No matter how widespread your organization becomes, you need to work hard to retain team cohesion and the philosophy that everyone is on the same team regardless of where they work”
– Thomas Friedman, New York Times journalist, columnist, author.

With locations in two states, the Tarlov Financial Group needed to upgrade from its outdated phone system to a multi-office communications solution that was easy to use. With simple extension numbers even for interstate locations, computer access to change phone settings or messages, Star2Star made it dramatically easier for these locations to stay in touch, while saving the company money. Whether you have 2 locations or 200, Star2Star’s solutions save time and money.

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Here are some other Star2Star features that reduce costs:


Free inter-office/-location calling. Your LA office can converse for an hour or more with your Miami office without spending a cent >>




Shared phone lines across several locations and unified dialing plan across all locations makes cross company calling effortless and inexpensive >>




Line Pooling will meet your peak usage needs without purchasing fixed number of lines per location; while Line Bursting means customers will never receive a busy signal >>




Automatic roll over of calls to offices in different time zones depending on the time of day >>



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Read how Star2Star enabled better communication between the offices of the Tarlov Financial Group.

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