CT Greensboro - Priority Service and Discounted Rates


H.O.S.T. plan clients receive priority service over non-plan clients. Response times are defined in the chart below. Response time guarantees do not guarantee resolution of your issue, but mean we guarantee to begin the repair process in the specified time window. All issues will be resolved with best effort as soon as possible. Our goal is to resolve your issue(s) and get you back up and running as quickly as possible!

H.O.S.T. plan clients are also entitled to discounted service as specified in the table below. Discounts apply to labor only and do not apply to the purchase of hardware or software.


H.O.S.T. PlanResponse TimeDiscount
H.O.S.T. PlatinumSame Day40%
H.O.S.T. GoldNext Day20%
H.O.S.T. SilverSecond Day10%
H.O.S.T. BronzeNext AvailableNo Discount


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