On the way to Colorado . . .

Published on: April 27th, 2015

The family and I spent a long Easter weekend in Colorado with my parents and sisters. Unfortunately, it was too warm to ski, but I spent a lot of time outside after being cooped up this cold, icy winter.

As I was waiting to board my flight, I noticed everyone from 2 to 92 was using some type of mobile device (iPhone, Kindle, tablet, etc). It got me thinking……is anyone concerned about the private data on their mobile device? There are several options we have to protect our private information on our devices, and at the very least we should use the factory settings and “password protect” our device. It is quick and easy to set it up on your device. I have included links for the iPhone and Android phones.



Protecting your personal information is smart, but protecting your client’s data is necessary! Can you imagine allowing client data to be illegally accessed….YIKES!

This is where CT Business Solutions can help. We have a few options for small business to ensure client data is safe and secure and mitigate any risk of potential legal action.

Call CT Business Solutions at 610-409-9800 to discuss your options.

Jim Carmody


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