In Case of Emergency, We Offer Data Recovery Service

Published on: June 19th, 2015

One thing we all seem have in common is our daily need to manage some form of data. If it’s a desktop, laptop or a wireless device, we are all creating, processing, communicating and managing data. Whether you work for a corporation; own a small business; or manage your family’s household finances, you are involved in the management and protection of an ever-expanding amount of important data.

Small Accidents and Large Disasters

Being proactive about protecting your data is of the utmost importance, whether it’s for your business or your personal data. Yet even with a tested and reliable backup system, sometimes unexpected accidents can still happen. Physical damage can happen to data storage devices including hard drives, cell phones and memory sticks. Even if you adhere to the Scouting Motto of “Be Prepared,” accidents can happen at a moment’s notice.

Small accidents are a nuisance. Yet when it comes to large disasters take a moment to consider the unpredictable weather that has pummeled Texas over the past few weeks. Just a month ago, Texas reservoirs were running dry due to a long-term drought. Suddenly that circumstance was replaced by an unexpected and truly devastating emergency. Over a two week period, the Lone Star state has been hammered by an epic rain fall that culminated in vast flooding that violently swept away homes, businesses, property, roads and the lives of many citizens. The governor has declared 37 counties in Texas as disaster areas. Our hearts go out to everyone impacted.

Data Recovery Services

The on-going disaster in Texas is a tragic reminder that no amount of preparedness can make any of us entirely invincible when it comes to the wrath of Mother Nature. Fires, floods, tornados and earthquakes will continue to happen. Mundane accidents and human errors will also continue to occur on a regular basis. While a back-up system is always your first line of defense, data recovery solutions are designed to help with issues caused by both small accidents and genuine disasters.

Introducing Our Partners at Flashback Data

Human error and hardware failures account for 75% of all data loss occurrences. Experts in data loss at the Gartner Group state that only 6% of small business survive after a major loss of computer records. That’s a sobering statistic. CT Business Solutions is offering a solution to data loss by proudly partnering with Flashback Data, an international industry leader in accredited data recovery services.

Russell Chozick, Vice President for Flashback Data, stated, “We live our lives and businesses on our digital devices now. It’s not every day that we think about backup, and when a natural disaster occurs in the home or workplace, it is possible for these devices and their backups to be damaged, too. We have seen countless businesses on the brink of closing their doors after a disaster strikes, but we are fortunate to have been a part of keeping them on their feet.”

Flashback Data offers the following specialized data recovery services:

• Hard Drive Recovery: Hard drives are becoming increasingly less common in laptops. External storage devices are in greater use but are at greater risk for being dropped, damaged and compromising your data.

• Cell Phone and Flash Drives: Flashback Data was one of the first labs to specialize in flash-based technology. Problems such as deleted files, corrupted partitions, file system damage and physically damaged devices can be remedied by their recovery experts.

• Notebooks, Tablets, Digital Cameras and MP3 Players: Flashback Data offers recovery services for Notebook PCs and Tablets. Damaged image or audio files can also be recovered by Flashback Data.

CT Business Solutions is Here to Protect You and Your Data

If you haven’t established a backup solution and experience an unexpected data loss accident, there is still hope. CT Business Solutions is now working in partnership with Flashback Data to retrieve what you feared was lost forever – your priceless data.

If it’s the need for data recovery services or assistance in establishing a reliable backup solution, call CT Business Solutions and one of their technology professionals can help you.


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