The Top Seven Reasons to Consider Outsourced It Support

Published on: July, 22nd 2013 | Under: Computer Networking, How To: Technology 101, Industry News: This Week in IT, Managed Services

Outsourced IT support services are becoming increasingly popular for both large corporations and small-medium sized business.  Outsourced IT support typically includes some combination of the following services:  web development and hosting; data storage via cloud services; application and software development; database development and management;  application support and management; telecommunications; security; social media management; help desk services and technical support.  Business owners see the value in outsourcing as a way to remain competitive by having access to the latest technology and skilled IT professionals while also watching the bottom-line.

Here are the top seven reasons to take advantage of outsourced IT support services:

  1. outsource ITExpertise and efficiency is immediately available by outsourcing your IT functions. IT service providers have a wide range of technical expertise and are focused on delivering efficient strategies and outcomes to their clients.
  2. Control equipment costs by saving on your initial capital outlay for IT infrastructure which can be especially costly for a new business. At any stage of the game, the money you save on IT infrastructure can be invested into creating various income streams or directed towards operations that generate revenue.
  3. Control operational costs by paying only for the specific IT tasks you need accomplished. Also, you can even save on monthly expenses such as rent by needing less office space for fewer employees and less equipment.
  4. Staffing becomes more flexible by eliminating full time staff to manage IT functions. As a business owner, you won’t need to worry about a full-time employee being trained, skilled and experienced for each new IT project. Simply call your IT service provider and a skilled professional is available to help.
  5. Stability is an important issue for any business. Time lost on employee turn-over, training, equipment upgrades and technical problems will become issues of the past.
  6. Stay competitive even if you don’t have a big budget for IT expenses. Through economies of scale, outsourced IT support services provide access to “big business” technology and professional expertise that you need for your business to stay competitive. This competitive edge will impress your clients.
  7. Focus on your business by not wasting time worrying about IT headaches. Business owners can save both time and money by working with a skilled IT service provider who is an expert in the field.  By outsourcing IT responsibilities, you can streamline business practices and focus on your core responsibility – running your business.

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