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what to do after a data breach

What to Do After a Data Breach

Kim Weinberger On: September, 18th 2017 | Under: Data Recovery

With such a heavy dependency on technology, it’s not uncommon to encounter a data breach or security threat. As past data breaches at large companies show, security attacks can happen to anyone, at any time. If you fear your sensitive information has been compromised, here’s what to do after a data breach. What to Do […]

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Backup Your Computer

Why You Should Backup Your Computer Right Now

Kim Weinberger On: June, 15th 2017 | Under: Data Recovery

Storing your digital data in only one place is dangerous. According to, 91% of Americans don’t backup their computers at least once a day. How terrible would it be if your years of photos, documents, music, movies and more were all gone in a second? Data loss can occur at any time to anybody, […]

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protect yourself from ransomware attack

Are You Protected From a Ransomware Attack?

Kim Weinberger On: May, 18th 2017 | Under: Data Recovery

Last week, the “WannaCry” ransomware attack sent shockwaves through the cyber world. In just a few short hours, the software successfully infiltrated hundreds of thousands of computers in some 150 countries. While experts say the spread of the digital virus has slowed and even stopped in some countries, the damage is already done to those […]

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MacBook Data Recovery

Kim Weinberger On: November, 2nd 2016 | Under: Data Recovery

Have you found yourself in a bad situation where your MacBook hard drive experienced data loss? Did you not take the time to back up your files? Our laptops are full of precious photos, documents, music and so much more. Computer Troubleshooters is here to help with this MacBook Data Recovery how-to. Our suggestion is […]

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Help! Can My Lost Data Actually be Recovered?

Kim Weinberger On: September, 10th 2015 | Under: Computer Repair, Data Recovery

You have accidentally hit the delete button and your critical data is gone, or you saved a file and have no idea where it went. After that initial moment of panic and terror fully sinks in, you ponder your options. Maybe the data isn’t really gone? What if I call an IT specialist and try […]

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Computer backup in progress animated icon.

Take the World Backup Pledge on March 31, 2015

Kim Weinberger On: March, 24th 2015 | Under: Data Recovery, Global Newsletter, Industry News: This Week in IT

Remember when TV’s most famous fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw, lost her entire novel when her computer suddenly crashed? After years of laboring over her book, all of Carrie’s hard work suddenly vanished in a flash. Even in 2008, Carrie’s friends were utterly dumbfounded when she claimed that she had never heard of data backup. Really, Carrie? […]

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What is your computer doing during YOUR vacation?

Kim Weinberger On: May, 22nd 2014 | Under: Data Recovery, How To: Technology 101, Technology & Tools

Your computer provides you with a lot of assistance in planning vacations and other trips throughout the year. Remember the hours you spent on various websites looking for the perfect vacation destination? How about all of the online comparison shopping you did to find the ideal Hawaiian resort? Remember that awesome discount deal you scored […]

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7 Reasons Your Small Business Must Have a Back Up Solution!

Kim Weinberger On: May, 16th 2014 | Under: Data Recovery, How To: Technology 101, Technology & Tools

It is 2014, and we all know that every business should have a backup (and a recovery plan) for their most critical data.  The reality is that over 40% of Small and Medium Sized Business do not back up their data at all, and that 60% of backups fail when tested!

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Data Backup is More Important Than Ever

Kim Weinberger On: May, 15th 2014 | Under: Data Recovery, Global Newsletter, Industry News: This Week in IT

Do you think a data backup solution is simply too expensive for your business? That viewpoint is similar to thinking that insurance for your home is too expensive. Insurance might have seemed expensive until your home is wiped out in a fire and you have lost everything. After the fire is snuffed out, how do […]

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Creating a Technology Plan for the New Year

Kim Weinberger On: November, 22nd 2013 | Under: Data Recovery, Global Newsletter, How To: Technology 101, Managed Services, Technology & Tools

We all make personal New Year’s resolutions on January 1st. This year, why not commit to a few professional resolutions for your business, too? Computer Troubleshooters strongly encourages you to put a new technology plan at the top of that list for 2014. We are offering some technology planning guidelines that can help you form […]

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